I havn't posted anything legitimate on this forum for a while. This is my band's first song 'Red', produced by me. programmed drums, DI'd guitars and bass. vox with an sm58. I think its pretty solid considering we did it all in like 2 days.. id say its pretty touche amore influenced. That sort of new wave of post hardcore shit. I dunno. let me know what you think. link here: http://www.myspace.com/oceanshc
Critiquing while listening: Very very nice intro, the bass drum makes it all the better. I like the drums again, when there's a full on beat. It's a great ballad sounding song(I hope that that didn't insult you), ahh now the electrics come in, I like that. Well done bro. Oh wow total change, well not total but you know what I mean :P. It's so aweessome! The vocals are great!! NOiiice! It really helps the song become a great song! The mix could've been better though. But songwriting wise its greaatt! I like the soft "bridge" after the vocals. Puts the song into perspective. The song is good dude! I like it! Rock on bro, keep it up!

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Really like the beginning,sounded like most post-hardcore songs but after that the singing comes in which makes the entire song sound original. The singing reminds me of Oli Sykes in Bring me the horizon, especially the song "It never ends" Though adding some different types of vocals (screaming, singing,harmony) might make it less repetitive. Mix could have been better but for not using studio recording its pretty good. What did you use to make the drums?