I remember I was in grade 5 and when I got to school that day they shut down all the classes (keep in mind this is in Canada) and talked to us about it and the implications that it would cause. It was quite frightening.

Being 18 now, and seeing what has happened as a result, wars, etc. it seems to me like the cold war all over again, or the tensions before the world wars, something like that. It got me thinking that history really does repeat itself, even in this modern age. As an independent minded person, and student I like to think that I know better than to think of those terrorists (or the people who they supposedly represent, Arabs, Islam) aren't really the bad guys, contrary to what Western culture leads us to believe.

When we look back at propaganda posters, showing signs of an evil German with the words "THIS IS YOUR ENEMY" written underneath, we scoff and say "how could people actually fall for that back then?" I think that the propaganda fit the times, and something like Sept. 11th 2001 could be seen as an extremely sophisticated act of propaganda, something which can and did successfully fool us all into dehumanizing an enemy, much like the nameless German, or Jew. Maybe someone orchestrated the attacks to do just such a thing, I mean, it makes sense.

I'm not some conspiracy theorist, I just think that it's interesting to note the facts on both sides of the argument, to name a few: America had everything to gain from going to war, they couldn't start one however without a reason, so they made one. On the other hand, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that a conspiracy is BS, but who knows what to believe.

What I'm trying to say is, thinking back on that impressionable 5th grader, who grew up in a world of hate: I don't see the supposed enemies as the bad guys, I merely see it as history repeating itself. Will schoolchildren in a century look back on Sept 11th as we look back on say, WW2?

What is the point of fighting and defeating an enemy, when the same thing will happen again down the line. It's like humanity is this constant struggle, fighting against itself.

On the same nihilistic note: what happened on that day was horrible, but was it any more horrible than those innocent people who get blown up every day in some poor country? It was merely on a larger scale. Are those innocent people any more victims than the people who carry out such acts, who are raised in such a way that makes them prone to do inhuman things?

If only Hitler was raised like me, he wouldn't have done the things he did. But he was not raised like me, because I was raised like me. It is because I live my life the way that I do that there are other people in the world who are raised to much lower standards. We would not be accustomed to this lifestyle if there were not people thousands of miles away paying for it.

If there is a god, or some creator who could answer these questions of life, existance, and everything, I would not ask him how he did it, or when he did it, i would ask him



Sorry if I started rambling, this is just something that I feel very strongly about, not 9/11, but the human condition of endless struggle. I guess I just came on here to vent and see if anyone else has any thoughts on the subject?
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I think people trying to still make a big deal out of 9/11, like news channels who won't shut up about it all day, need to get over it. What's done is done and can't be changed, move on, and learn from your mistakes.
I'm not even going to read this. There is already a thread on it. And the title makes me want to punch you in the mouth.

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