decided to pick up my sisters acoustic today and try see if im getting better with guitar learning
i known and seem to be able to move from every simple chord except for c from g... started playing like a year ago, on and off... gave up a little bit as i lacked time but now im getting into it and c is the only one im really having trouble with
any tips?
yeah, just keep moving with those shapes, but dont strum while doing that, and eventually it will become muscle memory
I always used to play Gmaj by using my thumb to fret the low G and mute the A string, then used my index finger on the B and high E strings. This also frees up some fingers for a bit of hammer on action.

Other than that, all you can really do is keep going back and forth between them until your muscles get used to it.
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Many "beginner" methods show the first-position G major chord using the ring finger to fret the G note on the 1st string.
A better way is to use the pinkie; then using the ring finger on the low G on the 6th string and the middle on the B note on the A string.
This way, to move to "C", you just drop the ring and middle down to the D and E notes respectively, and fret the C on the B string with your index.

This allows easy movement to the F and also the D7 which are both commonly used in the key of G.
As well, the index remains free for other uses...