Hey guy's, this is a song i wrote tonight, or at least the majority of it. It's wordier than my normal stuff but i kinda like it, it doesn't read nicely off the page but my phrasing makes it kinda neat.
I'm wondering if its a little cliche though, and if anyone has any advice/tips/compliments or anything between those. I appreciate any feedback, this is about a breakup i had and things i wish i could have said.

As you screamed, "how could you do this to me"
after all we've been through, You just end it just like that
I thought in my head, what the hell are you thinking boy
I'm torn in two, it kills me but that i can't

Sleep at night, with the idea in my head that
your not reaching your full potential, i hold you back
from becoming the person i once imagined you being some day
In a way, i'm doing this for myself

(Chorus Var.1).
For my own good,
For you i gave my everything
and asked for nothing but for you
to hold my hand
To hold my hand and make me feel like everythings alright
But it's not alright

Second verse still needed.

(chorus var.2)
For your own good,
for your own good i'm leaving you with no more explanation then
Look deep in your heart
Look deep and you'll find it beats stronger alone then with mine

I only bring you down
It was never my intention to hurt you
I know exactly how this sounds
But i promise you i'm selfless in my cause

Cause you mean the world to me,
I feel like i stifle your growth
with me in your life you cant become
The person you were meant to be

(pre chorus)
This is better for us, we're better appart
And i hope some day you see this was...

(chorus Var.3)
For our own good,
for our own good we'll go our own ways and look back in ten years with
a different perspective
You'll understand i did the right thing and you'll be better off.