I have a HT-5 that i need to get up to my friends house, about 15 mins walk away, so we can finish some covers and stuff, but i have no lift.
Its just stopped raining, and isn't going to continue, so do you think its a good/bad idea for me to try to carry my amp, guitar and a bag with lead/pedals in up to his house?
Has anyone ever done anything similar to this?
Just wondering
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well if it isn't going to continue raining, then just go.
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Dude, seriously, it's more about you, if you think you CAN carry it then there's nothing stopping you.
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i do it frequently, if its raining put things in bin bags and carry them... GO!

Ah the bin bag method. It works lol
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Get a skateboard.
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go for the plastic/bin bag method, besides your amp should be able to endure a few splashes as long as you aren't throwing the bitch in a swimming pool
I pretty much did this yesterday. Carrying a ~25kg amp, guitar, and rucksack across most of London. Over a short distance you'll probably be OK. 15 minutes is doable.
🙈 🙉 🙊
I once carried a marshall stack across the universe, when I was done I almost got cried lol
If it's a rough area, and you're likely to get mugged, no. If it's not, and you can carry it all relatively easily without looking like a twat, go for it.
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chuck norris once carried u2's vertigo stage from Glasgow to Budapest.

im sure you will be fine.