On the first sond I thought the places where the rhythm guitar part becomes prominent over the piano was a bit shakily and seemed out of place. Maybe if you let the piano completely end, give it a few seconds of silence and then come in anew the rhythm guitar, that would work better. That, or fade up the guitar instead of having it be quiet one second and suddenly loud the next.

in the second song, your piano got off sometimes. IDK if thats what you intended to do, but it didn't sound intentional. I liked your transitions between sections on this one.

The third song is cool! I have a huge thing for slide guitar. Piano sounded out of place in this one, maybe you could make it just a slide/rhythm guitar duo? I think that would work a little better.

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Spiders Web: The piano sounded pretty nice, the strings do too. Over all its a pretty nice song, I think vocals would make it ten times better. The rhythm guitar was good, a sad sounding little piece. Add vocals to it! :P

Terrible Love Song: Long silent intro, I like how it starts with the guitar. Well done bro, again vocals would sound great on this song. Haha damn, it's a depressing song :P But I guess since it's a love song. Actually I think the song is great, it just needs vocals. Yes the piano does sound a bit of place at times but it works

Winstons Church: I love the slide guitar on this song man! Good job, for some reason I can imagine eric claptons voice on it but maybe that's just me. I like this song, over all very well done!

All the songs are great but would be much much better with vocals on them! Rock on dude!

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