So I was plugged into my M-Audio Fast Track Pro the other day, monitoring through headphones and playing through Amplitube 3... and I was picking up the radio. Not really clear, but clear enough to know it was a radio station. I've heard of that happening when tubes are involved, but is this normal? It was just guitar -> interface --USB--> computer --> headphones.
My PC speakers/subwoofer occasionally picks up some french opera station. Haven't the foggiest why yours and mine do this :S
Basically, there are radio wave flying around everywhere; the air is saturated with them. Most often, the shielding on a cable has gone bad, and you are now picking up some sweet smooth jazz, or most likely, radio disney (lol). The first thing I would check is your guitar cable, as that is usually the culprit.
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Do you live near a radio tower?
One time I was playing a gig at the college, and there's a radio tower near by, and the amp would sometimes pick up radio signals.
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This happens to me with my fuzz factory, i live about a kilometre away from a mobile phone tower and on certain settings it picks up phone calls, quite weird actually.

OT: Try another guitar cable, and try moving the interface/computer around to see if it happens in certain places (situation i described above only happens on the northern side of my house, where my room is)
That happened to me when I was testing out a bunch of pedals at my local store.
With all the same cables, only one pedal had the interference. Everything else was dead quiet, but that one pedal, picked up the ball game on the radio very clearly.
Oddly enough, it was the most expensive pedal...thought maybe they were charging an extra $10 for the built in AM tuner LOL!!!
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Hmm, that could be it. Would it also cause a whole bunch of hum/noise?

it can, but shielding is more for keeping those random 'noises' out of your signal chain. turn a blender on in your house while your playing electric, chances are you will be able to hear the electric motor in the blender through your guitar. TV remotes will also make noise through your guitar. lots of electrical 'noise' around...
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