Hi im a classical guitar player that plays for 5 month ..
i enjoy my music and i know that i play good for my time but the probleom is my dad, he thinks i stink cause he dont know any of the songs i play , he likes santana and stuff but i dont ... and i want a riff that will impress him and will match my skill level that will make him support me and be proud of me so anyone that know a name of a song like that or a riff or idk plz help me
thanks !
Layla by Eric Clapton.

If your dad doesn´t know and like that song, then he has no musical taste, and therefor you should not bother trying to impress him.
Tell your dad he should support your playing. He needs to encourage you. I know. I'm a dad. I'm not into classical music, but I could sure recognize talent and support my son, if he played that style.
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Layla by Eric Clapton.

If your dad doesn´t know and like that song, then he has no musical taste

Yep, because not knowing/liking one song automatically proves someone has no musical taste--Get your head out of your ass.

That song has been played to death and really isn't that awesome; sure, it was cool when I first heard it ages ago, but it's pretty much just annoying now.
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lol Beethoven's moonlight sonata 3rd movement is too impossible for me
and thank guys, i will try
Yesterday by The Beatles sounds good on a classical guitar or any guitar for that matter.
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just learn the first ten seconds of europa by santana. lol he will say cool and walk away.
Try a classical arrangement of a Santana tune or some other style tune?
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Sounds to me that no matter what you do you won't impress your dad. Some people are just like that. Quit trying to please him. He will come around in time.
just today baught my ephiphone electric les paul standard guitar new suggestions ?

Heres some lessons on it (in two Parts )



And Another Santana One aswell :P



Both Very Good Santana tunes. The Guy that teaches gets to the point fast and teaches well. I learnt both in about to hours.