so, i have the flu, complete with cough, and blocked nose.

i've already taken lots of cups of milk and honey, no matter how much that stuff disgusts me, and lots of medicine.

seeming that i know that lots of people have there own home remedy, and that some of them work, I ask: what home remedys does the Pit know for coughs and stuff.
not medicine, 'cause i'm already taking some and I don't want to mix them, just simple remedys to make me feel a little better.
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Hot tea, hot soup, etc.
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Suck some semen down.

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Liquids and rest.

Chicken noodle helps too

Had swine flu last year and the pantry is still loaded with chicken noodle
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I've got flu aswell (Just started college - the bastards). ^+1 to chicken noodles. Drink some whiskey aswell.
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Sums up whisky perfectly
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