I am replacing the neck on an ibanez mikro and would like to know what would be a good 24 fret preferably 6105 frets neck that uses the weird bolt on spots. There is a picture in the link below but its not very good. So far the best i could find is the jem neck but i cant find any without fancy inlays. Also i want it to be full size not the same size as the mikro its far too small.

A full size neck may fit, but it would be a stupid thing to do, the intonation would be totally out and nothing would be in tune.
You can't just convert the Mirko to 25.5" scale, it would require a LOT of work. You'd need to relocate the bridge and I'm not sure the body will be long enough to fit the 25.5" scale properly, especially with a Floyd like you want.
I already measured and routed its fits no problemo just waiting for a floyd rose special to come in the mail. I got to paint before i install it right now its just wood and i have to get a pickguard sheet to make a new one.