heya everyone, my name is nicole, and I am in a highschool guitar class. its my first year in it, and we got a new band teacher fresh from college without a clue how to teach. i wanna kinna go solo on this adventure and impress my peers with learning how to read tabs, learn chords, and play successfully. can anyone help me with this? i want to learn here. can you guys help with my delema? i need good links to good things here. like video lessons and tutorials. thank you all.
Type into youtube for these channels, BobbyCrispy,Martyzsongs, Guitarjamz.com, Rockongoodpeople and jutinsandercoe, they are all very very helpful and have definatley
helped me a lot.

A basic 12 bar blues always sounds good to an untrained ear ( your classmates ) and never fails to impress.

Hope that helped Nicole ^_^
thankyou guys! THIS HELPS A LOT. my teacher in school isnt doing much...were still on arpegios and we bearly just learned twinkle twinkle little star...LAME-OOHH...lol