So a tube in my amp blew the other day (just in bedroom practice thank god!) and I obviously need a new replacement tube. But I was wondering which kind of tubes to go out and buy.
What kind of tubes do you guys like and why??
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EDIT: Wait, which tube exactly blew? One of the big ones or one of the small ones? Also, tubes usually do not just 'blow' for no reason. What exactly happened and how do you know it is blown. I say this because it could be indicative of something else being wrong. Does the amp power up?

For the Bugera?

6L6 tubes right?

JJs, Rubys, Tung Sol (JJs being the darkest tone wise, Tung Sol being bright)

First I'd read BeerChurches Blog on biasing these amps.
Then I'd determine if you need 4 tubes or 1. Or possibly 2.
Then I'd contact of of the online dealers below and order a matched set.
Then I'd install and bias it.

Power tubes in a Class A/B amp work in pairs so buying just one tube may not do the trick. I'd ask in the Bugera Users Militia Thread.

eurotubes.com (not in europe)
hotroxuk.com (in europe)
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I use mesa engineering tubes in my marshall..just out of habit suppose
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I use mesa engineering tubes in my marshall..just out of habit suppose

the only thing Mesa ever "engineered" as far as tubes go is the label they plastered on them.