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The guitar was pretty good, love that riff!. The vocals weren't that great to me. Your vocal technique makes it sound like you have strep. The choppy cut offs just don't suit this song, or singing in general. i like your guitar though, it's nice.

take everything i say with a grain of salt; I'm always over critical on vocals, being an operatic bass : /
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First off, as a whole I thought it sounded really nice. With the vocals, I feel that if I already didn't know the words to the song, that I'd have a bit of a hard time hearing/understanding them at times. I would recommend singing not necessarily louder, but a little more projected. Overall though, well done.
Wow, a cover that doesn't suck! Haha. Great job. I think the vocals are just fine actually... the other stuff on your youtube channel is pretty awesome too!!
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