I seem to be in a pickle. I have a Jackson JS23 Snow white and I want my close friends to sign it. But I don't want the marker to rub off because I still want to play the guitar. How could I do about doing this? Like what markers and such.
maybe marker pen then spray a clear coat over the top??? just a guess
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a black sharpie and sign a part of the guitar that doesnt come into contact with ur arm when u strum
i play an instrument. nuff sed.
Yeah, what Dave said. Just clear coat over where they signed and you should be fine
Just wondering, why you want your mate to sign it?
Is he the next Henrix or something :P
getting your guitar signed doesn`t do anything to the value if anything it`ll detract from it, whatever you decide don`t get the body signed, sign the back of the headstock.
If he's getting his friend to sign it i really doubt he's gonna sell it, sentimental value.
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