hey guys, do you think that anybody could give me some advice as to getting some better quality recordings? im using an mxl 990 for vocals and 991 for everything else, i plug into an alesis multimix and plug the usb from the mixer and record into cubase on my laptop, here the sound i get. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOII2iK-ldc any idea how to make this better? thanks
Have you used a pop filter? They're dirt cheap and make a good difference..
j1o1s1h1b1 i could tell you to record every instrument and voice only and mix it after together in the right volume and you have to optimize your eq
probleby you can make it a bit much sound

soryy for the bad inglisch
i am german
The quality sounds alright overall.

The vocal mic could do with a pop shield and a DeEsser to get rid of the T's P's and S's.

The acoustic guitar is quite low in the mix and everything is in the center so it sounds a little cluttered.
DeEss and install a PF on the vocal mic.
The piano is a bit muddy and you'd get a better overall sound on that with stereo micing so try to find two of the same mics. I also found the piano to be a bit muddy so try to EQ that a little.

Don't be afraid to use panning and a bit of chorus effect on some tracks. There are some great tips and tricks to spice up vocal tracks.


The MXL 990 and 991 are ok mics but not outstanding....something like a Rode NT1A would work well around the studio and sounds very nice IMO....but they run quite high in price compared to the MXLs.
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