American standard is so worth the price difference as you get the awesome skb case, better hardware, neck, and pickups. The mim baja tele is better overall than the am. spec. tele
I don't think the Am Special Tele is worth it. The Standard is very reasonably price and is leagues ahead of it. The MIM Deluxe and Classic Player lines give you more features and just about the same quality as the American Special, but they're cheaper - frankly the only difference is that the American Special is put together a few miles up the road by American workers who get paid more and that's the only reason the American Special costs more than the MIM Deluxe series. Either go for a MIM Deluxe or Classic Player which will be a great guitar with premium parts or save up a bit more and go for the American Standard.
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If you've played it, its so great..
The neck on the tele feels so great...
Its worth the bucks, plays/feels like a standard

but its up to you if you'd rather want the standard, I'd definetly go for the special.
With the amount you'd pay for a Standard, I'd rather just purchase a special tele and up it, or buy other accessories.
just my opinion and experience from trying it.

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