I know it's not too rare to use electric strings on acoustics (or at least some people do it). But I was wondering if it's at all common to use acoustic strings on an electric. Would there be any trouble with the heavier gauges pulling on the truss rod, even if its just for a month or so?
dont hold me too it but i think that acoustic strings dont react very well with pickups.
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A gauge either way wont make much difference provided its doesn't have a flyod rose, but more than than you might wanna make truss rod adjustments. Also if they are bronze strings it'll never work.
maybe if thye were really light strings but even then youd have to adjust truss rod and things for the greater increase in tension
also the thicker strings wouldnt fit in the current slots in the nut
acoustic strings arent really made to be used with with magentic pick ups so im not sure how well that would work on electric guitar pick ups(yes i know they make magnetic soundhole pups)
also im sure you thought of this but nylon strings for sure wont work
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Acoustic strings - the phosphor bronze type, will not work. You can buy steel acoustic strings.
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dont hold me too it but i think that acoustic strings dont react very well with pickups.

You are right. Bronze strings are a no-go with your basic pickups. Some people have used a wound G-string from a set of steel acoustic strings because they love insanely heavy strings, but I haven't heard of anyone doing that since the 70s. Acoustic strings are usually much heavier than electric strings, so you are going to require a truss rod adjustment if you use them.
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