Basically, this dude has offered his well-specced Carvin DC747 (Mahogany neck+body, birdseye maple fretboard, lundgren m7 in bridge, greenburst flame maple top) for my Ibanez RG2570EX (Dimarzio Tone Zone+Liquifire), which seems like a pretty darned great trade for me. I've been talking with him for a few months on and off and his GAS for my Ibby is finally getting the better of him. We could probably meet up next week if I were to agree on this trade.
Tbh, I would rather have a non-trem version, but I could just block it off with a tremol-no, I guess.

Anyone has experience with the DC747 or just Carvins in general?
I've never had experience with that particular guitar but every Carvin I've ever played has been a good guitar. If I were you I'd make that trade. I haven't ever played anything that Carvin has made that hasn't been really good. They make good amps, basses, and guitar in my opinion.
Yeah, I think I'll do it and block off the trem

Then I'll sell my Universe and have the Carvin as my main 7 and my C-1 Classic as my main 6.
Then I can begin to fund my Axe Fx (and a fretless J-bass)
Man, don't make me gas for a 7 stringer, especially Carvin.

I've been curious about a 7 stringer, I think I'd like one.
Parker PDF30
Vox VT40+
I've played a good handful of carvins and I own two basses from them and all I can say is: GET IT! You won't find a better 7 string thats good priced!
I'm up for building you a pedal.
(Or modding nearly anything moddable)
(PM Me.)