I'm trying to find a song to learn to play on guitar that's easy (since I'm a beginner) that is also easy to sing to. Can someone give me suggestions? Thanks
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Horse With No Name is considered one of the easiest tunes. Two chords make up the whole song. Its got a great melody and flow. I used to teach it to my beginner students and it was pretty easy for them to grasp.

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Anything by Nirvana, if you're into that kind of music.

It would help if you told us what kind of style of music you're into.
Quite a few songs by the Beatles.

It makes it a lot easier if it is a song you really ****ing love, you know?
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Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground by the White Stripes. There are only chords 4 and they're played at the exact time the lyrics are sung.
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El Cerrito Place - Charlie Robison - 2 chords.

+1 to Mike Dodge, and horse with no name.

Who ever said quite a few by the Beatles, really made my eyebrows raise. Nothing about them screams easy - you could get an entire theory education breaking down their tunes and analyzing them...you'd learn a hell of a lot about songwriting, be it Guitar Gently Weeps Major to Minor key changes, or something like Here there and Everywhere with Voice Leading...not to mention singing to that stuff!

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