Nice intro, when the music kicked in the first thing I thought of was rush:]

It's a pretty full track (sound wise, not length of course), and it's got a really cool beat, I imagine this is just an intro, to either a song or an album, hence intro in the title.

I don't have much else to say about it, not much there, but what is there I can't find anything wrong with:]
Just gave it a listen. I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. I can also see it as an intro into something. The only thing I might change, and I can't decide if it actually would improve it, is taking out the pickup drum hit right before everything else drops. But overall very solid dude.

Care to crit one of mine?
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I really digg this!! What did you use to make it? Just curious.

It was made on Reason 4. Glad you like it
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Some pretty cheesy sounds on your songs man :P

Thats the way I roll man

aha, in all seriousness, i can't help it! you're not the first person to have mentioned it.