Okay, so I've been in the market for a new electric for a while, when I found something that piqued my interest...

ok, so it's a LAG Arkane A200ST in black shadow. The first thing I love about this guitar is the value for money, it's got a Floyd Rose Special, coil tappable passive EMG pickups and a gorgeous flame top (appears brown in the pictures because of the flash but it's grey/black in person).

The neck isn't as slim as my jackson or ibanez neck but it is pretty damn comfortable and slim, it is also unfinished which in my opinion is the best kind The neck joint is also awesomely sculpted to be more comfortable for your fretting hand, unlike on my jackson where is wasn't too comfortable playing on the high frets.

The body is made of basswood, which contrary to what a lot of people think, is a very nice wood and I like it's neutrality. I love the shape of the body too, it is like an Ibanez S series but with a bit more roundedness and bulk.

The pickups on this beast are very good, the TB1 in the bridge is very crunchy, full and bright, rather like a jb and the neck SA-1 is a lot less bright and quite mellow. They are both coil tappable and when combined with the middle S3 single coil, luscious clean tones can be had.

Finally, the trem is very very good, being a Floyd Rose Special (korean made version of the OFR apparently, more info would be wonderful if anyone could share). I put an extra spring in it for extra stability and I really like it. I love how the whammy bar stays in place for when you need it.

I picked up this guitar new with a nice padded gigbag for £380
It looks awesome and seems to have some nice features. But for 380 I'd be nervous about the quality of the build. That seems way too cheap for those features, or you found an excellent excellent deal.
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