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Its finished now so a proper crit would be appreciated I no the drums arnt very good but i cba to try and make new parts for each riff!



Edit: Uploaded a new version with parts of "Freak44" version
Edit: Finished it now just need to do up the drums
Edit: improved drums added new solo and edited outro
Edit: changed verse and drums slightly
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ssaight nothing groundbreaking but it has potential.
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sounds pretty good
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ssaight nothing groundbreaking but it has potential.

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ok guys i didnt mean that rough! bit more than that please!
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made a few edits thought your song was awesome \m/~

gotta say you did a pretty good job i do like it and i will use it
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I uploaded a new version using some of "Freak44" changes
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Doing a fast crit as i listen.

Do some more mixing, all the volume knobs are at 11 and the panning is all at 0. Its pretty short so i suggest you add some more, as you have quite a few solid ideas already. If I were you I'd play around more with thirds to get some more harmony going. The last riff tat starts at bar 35 is great, extend it and play around with it.

All in all, its not something incredibly new to the genre, but nevertheless it is a solid song which needs a major extension.

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finished now! the drums could do with a bit of a doing up but hey!

andre27 i will crit that tomorrow bit busy today
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Very Unearth-y sounding (as if it could be on III - In the Eyes of Fire). That being said, it's pretty good. Like, really good. It's also generic, though it's more original than the better half of the metalcore songs here. But I don't really keep genericism in mind when critting songs here, so let's move on. It really has the same structure as a expected, but it flows, and that's all that matters. The first riff reminds of Unearth the most. The riff preceding the pre-verse is one of my favorites. The chorus jumps back into the intro verse without much trouble, and the song flows from there. 106 pre-solo was pretty insane, and the solo followed from there, then it went back to build up. The outro was one of the more original riffs I saw in this song. All in all, it was definitely a great song, with the "metalcore" label or without. Despite the somewhat basic structure and lackluster drums, this is definitely something I would listen to in my free time. There is still some room for improvement, but it is a solid piece.


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P.S. What's with the lack of actual crits?
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what's with the lack of actual crits?

I dont acctully no but things like "Metal!" or "No comment" really arnt helpful! lol
But cheers for the crit ill get on to yours now!
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This piece is very awesome. Great job! It had an Unearth vibe to it. It would obviously benefit from a real drummer but it is very good as it is.
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