So I know there are tons of posts about this already, but does anyone know if those Agile guitars are any good? I know they're cheap, so I wouldn't expect them to be incredible or anything, but if anyone has any experience with one I would love to hear an opinion on them.
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they are awesome dude, i have the Al-2000 and shes a beauty. they have great tone and some versatility but i use mine for mostly metal. they are really well put together and if you want to throw in some new pickups they are practically an epiphone or better. and their customer service rocks. what model did you have your eye on friend?
Oh not again. Do a search and you will probably find 50 threads asking the same question.
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I had an Agile AL3000, quite a well made guitar in general but I had a problem with the nut slot. It was cut poorly that the nut didn't seat very well and too high. I used a dremel to square the slot and the nut fitted. Had great action and I played the guitar for three years then the neck twisted. It still played but hurts my hand so I pulled the pups I put in (EMG 81/60 plus EXG and Afterburner) and sold it dirt cheap.

This was the last time I bought budget guitars (too many) and I went to Carvin and bought their Bolt kit. Later I bought the DC127 and never looked back.
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Agiles are pretty damn good guitars for the money. They have been a big player in the ERG market in the past few years because of their wide variety of 7, 8, and more recently, 9 string guitars. Why just a few moments ago i ordered this beauty!
I got a 3000, great guitar, better than epiphones for cheaper, but its no gibson. 1It is a beauty though, best bang for your buck imo.
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Yes, for the billionth time, yes. They're better than their price suggests because their is no middle man in their equation.

I never say this, but in this case, use the search bar, please.
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