Hey everyone, I am looking for a solid state amp to make life easier when i go jamming with friends or just band practice. I got tired of bringing my 6505 head and decided i needed a combo amp that will be loud enough, that'll have a good lead/distortion channel and one were i wouldn't have to buy tubes every now and then. What would you guys recommend?
Why not a tube combo?
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Whats your budget?

could get a 6505 combo?

or you sell the 6505 head and buy a higher end combo like a mesa or something.

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No such thing as far as I know. But then again, I haven't studied every single piece of gear in the market, so who knows.
I could get a 6505 combo actually. But i was kind of looking for something where i wouldn't have to replace tubes every so often and would be able to keep at my friends. I play music such as lamb of god, killswitch engage, in flames, etc.
Ibanez Toneblaster maybe? I've heard they're flippin' loud and good for metal.
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Ampeg. I can't remember off the top of my head the model name, but they're damn amazing for metal.

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Alright, well i'm considering the vypyr. just wondering though i've always wanted to try an orange, anyone have experience with them.
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Alright, well i'm considering the vypyr. just wondering though i've always wanted to try an orange, anyone have experience with them.

The Orange solid states have kind of shitty overdrive, it's pretty muddy. If you're going to get an orange amp, it has to be tube. I'd go with the Vyper.
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ooh i've also got a maxon od-808 that could help me quite a bit with muddyness xD, (forgot to mention)
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well im sorta in between orange CR35LDX and peavey vypyr, just wondering which would serve me better for the cleans and distortion?, (i do have a maxon od-808 to tighten up my distortion)

you need a cheap practice amp that's low maintenance...

do some pawn hunting. it's a practice amp, doesn't have to sound good. get whatever's cheap and loud enough to keep up with a drummer. save a few bucks and spend the money on gear you need for your live rig.

EDIT: btw, In Flames ****ing rules. congrats on playing stuff that deserves to be played.
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A modelling amp (VT50, Vypyr 100) or a Randall RG75G3, or RG100G3.

fix'd, and that.
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