Hello. I don't know if this is the right forum to place this in, so please excuse me. This is also my first ever speaker or anything of that nature I've ever used, so please excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject matter.

Anyways, today I spent $200 USD on a Harbinger APS12 from the Guitar Center in my area.

I got home, gently unpacked it and plugged it into a outlet. I put my Shure SM58 microphone in the Mic 1 input and turned the monitor on. I spoke, and nothing happened. I raised the volume in increasing increments until it was at full volume, but still, there was no volume.

I then did the same for the Mic 2 input, yet I experienced the exact same problem.

I did the same for the Line In input and heard a nearly inaudible "pop" before trying to speak. I could hear a tiny amount of static, even when the necessary volume tabs were turned all the way up, but could not hear myself one bit, even while speaking at the top of my lungs. In fact, I could have whispered without a microphone and still have been about 3 times louder than the sound that my powered speaker was emitting.

I've emailed Harbinger but was hoping that I would be able to fix this by tonight. I am supposed to be jamming with my band early tomorrow, but it appears that the Guitar Center near me is already closed (they aren't answering their phones AT ALL!!) and I'm running out of options.

Is this a noted problem, and is there any way to fix it? Or am I simply not doing something right? Is there anything more complicated to it than just turning the damned thing on and plugging a mic into it? I'd assume not, but I'm just checking that I'm not doing something that should have been obvious :P

Anyways, thanks for reading. Hoping that some of you can help me out here!
Little late, but it sounds like a dud.
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@ Ghast. Thanks for the reply. I took it back to Guitar Center today and it was, THANKFULLY, just my cable. Fate/Chance/Luck had it that I had bought my cable at guitar center a while back and today was the LAST DAY that I was able to return it for a full refund! Great luck!!

Anyways, as I believe I mentioned before, this is my first ever speaker or anything of that sort. I'm doing high-pitched death/black metal vocals. Does anybody have any ideas over how I should be utilizing the EQ settings on this thing?? Thanks so much!