ok ill admit im new to firstly guitar but also music in general as far as performing and playing an instrument goes but im very eager and enthusiastic about the whole thing an d ive already spent money and taken steps towards letting my new hobby go somewhere..

ill be brief sorry, this thread is well, I was hoping to ask advice on learning new intruments and or skills and what is the best way to keep motivated but more importantly to me is to make sure everything im doing is making me a better musician i dont want to get stuck in a rut were im not constantly improving even if practice is its own reward ...

on another note im learning the guitar self taught so far as well as harmonica but i really want to learns keys maybe some other instruments.. how much is too much to take on? and will it affect my progress as a guitarist to learn other intruments at the same time? time is not really an issue
It takes a long time to get really good at guitar.... but practice a lot, thats about it. Seriously, there's not "quick" way to get good. Learn your scales and notes, learn to read sheet music, and just keep playing.

For staying motivated, try to learn new techniques, songs, and riffs that sound cool to you. When you start liking the sound of your playing, you really start enjoying the instrument.
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its not that i dont enjoy it and im prepared to put the time in...i just worried illget to a point where i wont keep my goals or shedules with practicing.. i really dont want to get stuck in a rut.

thankou for the quick reply

i wont deny im trying to learn alot fast as i feel ive picked up an intrument way later than i should have in my life (im 23) im just well i guess it is kkinda like asking for a short cut i guess but what i meant by it was that i want a progressive and efficient way to learn so i dont waste any time when trying to learn
There is no shortcut. Practice. As you practice you get better, which makes you want to practice, which makes you better etc etc.
Chances are you will feel like you got into a rut, but then secretly, you're improving as long as you stick to your craft. Sometimes, what you practice at one point will emerge as very beneficial much later despite how frustrating and fruitless at the time. So yeah, that's the short cut.
thanks so much guys this is a really great place for advice sometimes but even better for friendly support!

im gonna keep at it i have the whole week off a fender custom and no responsibilities at all at the moment im looking into tutors in the area being in a rural part of northwest england not many people here can help with stores or tutor specifics but the support and advice is welll recieved thanks!