so ive been playin guitar for about 3 years now and im starting to get into some electric so i was wanting to buy an amp but i dont know what the difference is between the different brands and the different types, like wat is the difference between a tube amp an a solid body. i like to play alot of blues but i also want to learn some hard rock and a little metal, so i want an amp that can sound blues but also have a lot of distortion. also wat exactly are pick ups and wat do they do, an why are there so many kinds, how do they all sound?....also ive heard the word sustain an was wondering wat that meant, can a getta little help?
okay ill start with the pick ups
they basically pick up the vibration of the strings and turn it into electric signal with goes into your amp
which could be a solid state(i hope thats what you meant) with uses chips transistors and what not to amplify the signal or it could be a tube amp with uses vacuum tubes to do the same thing
usually tube amps are prefered to solid state
sustain is just how long a note will sound after you strum it long sustain=long notes ringing
for specifics look for the threads on this site which have alot more in depth info
yea i have a electric i just need an amp, an im gonna save up til i get about 300-400 bucks