will some one give me an in depth definition of wat a cab or cabinet is and wat it does
A cab is basically speakers mounted into a rolling chasis or frame. A cab is meant to be attached to a head, which is the part you plug your guitar into. Cabs come in different size and can be determined by looking at the ratio.

I.E. a 4 x 12 cab? is Four 12in Speakers in a cab, 2 x 10 is two 10in speakers, etc.

It's bascially just speakers in a box, really.
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A cabinet connects to a head. They combine forces to create disturbances in the air. A head without a cab cannot make any noise. Thus, the cabinet acts as an partner in crime for the head to create the sound coming from the head.

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Don't ever run your head without being plugged into a cab or you will fry amp
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cab, it has your speakers in it + everything already said (watch your impedances).
alright thx everyone who answered. this might be a dumb question, but its serious. wat is the head?, is that like the part that has all the dials on it like treble bass and middle?...i have a little 15 watt practice amp so it probably doesnt have a cab does it?
A combo amp, is technically a head and cab smooshed into one. The head has all the controls for tailoring your sound and your cab has the speakers that make the sound.