Hey guys, I bought a TSL60 head recently. I'm pretty happy with it, but because I play a lot of Death Metal, it is a little lacking.

However, when I'm not playing Death Metal, I'm actually playing worship music at my church. So whichever amp I end up keeping needs to have a lot of versatility.

I just found a really good deal on a Rivera KR55 1x12 combo and was wondering if I should get that and A/B test them, after which I would just sell the one I disliked more...? Is there going to be a monstrous difference between the 2 amps? I've got a 2x12 cab with a v30 and WGS Reaper 50 in it that I've been using for the TSL and could potentially run through the Rivera if I wanted a fuller sound.

I have a TS9 and a Behringer EQ700 to boost/eq the amp(s) for both of my playing styles. (along with Delay/Reverb for worship)
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I didnt even know there was a combo knucklehead. If it's anything at all like the heads, it'll be a fantastic amp.

But define death metal. Is a pretty broad genre.
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Basic answer is: Yes. There's a Rivera combo at a local shop that I can't stop playing because it's so insane. It's got that bright, percussive, searing high gain sound that I love. It's like a flaming tube driven chainsaw with a volume knob. Plus, it has nice reverb and pristine cleans.
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Stupid name.
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So the "KR55 1x12" is actually a "R55 1x12" from Rivera , must have missed the K.

So now the question is KR55 Head vs. TSL60 Head, I found a pretty good deal on the head version. I will be playing at my church (full band along with 2nd electric guitarist) at pretty good volumes once a week, but for right now, no Metal gigs. I might be joining a local Prog. Rock band soon but not sure for the time being.

There's also no way of me getting my hands on a Rivera in my area, no store here in Charlotte carries them.
Got a question about Baritone guitars? Feel free to PM me.

Thanks to UG, I converted from Metalcore to some "real" Metal.
The Rivera will kick the shit out of the TSL for high gain and cleans. And probably crunch too.
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I've heard the older Riveras, especially the combos, aren't geared as much towards metal as the newer ones are. I really have no first hand experience with any Rivera, except for the K-Tre though... And if that amp is anything like the K-Tre, it will utterly kick the shit out of the TSL.
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