In my search to find myself a new amp. I stopped over to check out my buddy's Dean Razorback this morning. To my amazement he didnt have it in his amp, instead he had it in a Pod multi-effects board, and was playing through some headphones. I really liked this option. His sounded great and she showed me several of the pre-set tones it had as he hadnt had it long enough himself to really tinker with it. I started asking questions and we hooked it up to his labtop and the thing still sounded really good.

When I got home I started looking at diffrent models and options and I really really like the Vox ToneLab ST. I figure I can save some money for other things, like a new tattoo and still have a good tone. Now I no means think this would solve my amp issue completely. But take these things into mind

1. I havent played in 2 years on a daily basis. So I seriously dont foresee me joining or starting a band any time soon.
2. I live in a small house and the neighbor's are right on top of us. So even say a 50w amp could get the fuzz called on me. And my buddy reminded me thats a $500 fine.
3. I work 2nd shift and my g/f works 3rd so in the morning I need to be as quiet as possible.
4. When I get off work I have to pick my son up from the babysitter and get him back to sleep for school.

So those are my reasoning's. Im all but going to buy this and run with it. I know there is pro's and con's but there are pro's and con's to every guitar, amp, effect, and accesory for everything.

What Im wondering is have anyone here ever owned one. As I beleive you'd have to own one to truly know what its capible of. If so what can you tell me from your experience's with it?

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I have an LE and the amp modeling is arguably better than the competition (Line6 Pod and BOSS GT), at a fraction of the cost. The ST has fewer features but I don't think they changed much internally. So I think it's totally worth it.

The biggest complaint I have with these units and definitely a weird design choice, is that the distortion pedals, treble boost and wah are on the same knob. So you can't use a distortion pedal and the wah at the same time. You can compensate for that by choosing a higher gain amp model, but still, it's an inconvenience.
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