This is my first post on here to date. I wanted to ask for any ideas, opinions and or constructive criticism for some of my songs i've written. I wish to record them soon but i wanted some info on the arrangements as they are. They are pretty simple but most of my favorite songs are. They are in the guitar pro format, let me just say right now i love that program.

Any advice would be more than appreciated.
11-Cat in the Cradle.gpx
01-My Life.gpx
02-It's good we can still be friends.gpx
07-She said.gpx
05-The Day i Die.gpx
There is a demo recording of "It's good we can still be friends" and "The day i die" under my profile if you wanted to hear that.
Beautiful Girl - The chord progression was basic - I was hoping to hear words. The cool 9th thing in the echo I kind of liked, not sure how you did that. The improvising needed help, it wasn't that interesting and sounded awkward rhythmically. I got an idea of your level of knowledge and playing by listening to this song. If you want interest in this piece you cant repeat the same G D Am Em, without really making it melodic, in the lead lines. It sounds like your vocabulary as far as a soloist is very limited, but we all start somewhere. Keep it up.

Your second song (crow) sounded right out of the opening chords of Freebird. The guitar lines were simple, but again, we start somewhere. Your musical language is limited. I liked the sudden change to the Dm in the second song, bent the ear and I liked it.

The 3rd one (day I die) plodded along and I didnt much like it, and some of the harmonization felt off, but it was okay. You need more melodic interest, call and response playing, etc. Keep on writing, we all start somewhere.


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Thanks for listening and giving some feedback. I know more about music than i am able to apply sadly. I am working on melody lines and solos for sure my solo in "The most beautiful girl" is embarrassing. Also the song is in a 6/4 time which i guess leads to the awkward rhythm i like going outside 4/4.

Im now in the practice of writing with guitar pro and tweaking that until i have something there to use as a scratch track to record over. The guitar pro songs "cat in the cradled" and "She said" are my latest songs and may be the most interesting.

thanks for your feedback