So, the frets on my guitar are REALLY worn and and i can't even play the 17th fret on the high E because the note just dies straight away. I've heard mixed stories about getting a refret - some people say it's totally worth it, others say it's a rip off and i've even heard stories about guitars getting damaged.

Does anyone have any advice on refretting? Is it worth it? My guitar brand new was $1500 and i've been told that around where i live, a refret can cost anywhere between $300-$600. I am kind of tempted to just buy a new guitar but i would want the same model, which i dont think they make any more. Plus buying a brand new one is costly and i would still have to try and sell my old one.

Anyone have any advice?
cant you just buy a new neck? I would refret if you are attached to the guitar.
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is it a bolt on? a typical re fret does run anywhere between $350-600. Really depends on how much you love the guitar. If you plan on keeping it forever and you don't want to part with it then get the job done.

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Are all the frets worn? You might consider a partial fret job if not all of them are worn. If the guitar cost $1500, I'd say it's worth it to have the job done.
I'd imagine a refret would only cost up to $600 if you were gettin stainless steel frets.. IF you could find a techie that'd want to use his tools on stainless (just as nickel frets get eaten up by stainless steel strings.. steel frets devour precious fret files.)

Despite what you've heard, just go and ask a shop itself.

The place i worked at charged anywhere from $150 to $200 + taxes.. Which in my opinion is well worth the work compared to getting a new guitar and trying to your old guitar which, at this time, has shitty frets
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If all of the frets are buggered then a refret is your only real option, other than a new neck if it's a bolt-on guitar. If it's just a couple of uneven frets or if the frets have just gotten a little on the rough side then you only need a fret crowning/dressing, which is much cheaper.
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first of all, thanks for the advice.

Basically all of the frets are destroyed. I guess getting a new neck is an option but its a jerry horton signature schecter so a stock neck wouldn't be quite the same as the current one. I might try finding out some more info off the local guitar stores and compare prices. I guess i will h&e to so something, it's not really ideal for recording in it's current state.

Thanks again!