I am wanting to purchase an EMG TWX pickup for the bridge position in my Jackson JS30RR, but I have one concern. On EMG's website, it says the following:

NOTE: Standard EMG humbuckers are 0.9” thick. The 81TW thickness is 1.1”. Difference of 0.22”.

I know normal EMGs will fit in my guitar, but I'm wondering if these will as well. I don't know much about pickup installation(I'm paying someone to do it). If it doesn't fit, what will have to be done to my guitar, and how much can I expect to pay?

Clarification would be greatly appreciated.
im sure it will fit. if it doesnt then the pup cavity will need to be routed a tiny bit deeper. idk the cost. depends on who does it.

its only .22". surely youll have that much extra space over a normal emg.
Oh, another question. If it does fit, it will be closer to the strings. I am putting an EMG 89XR in the neck position. Since the 81TWX will be closer to the strings, will there be a huge volume difference when switching between the pickups?