This thread is only for fans.
Hey Fellow maggots, Dispite all hope is gone not as heavy as there earlyer work are you looking forward to a 5th album and a solo album for corey taylor
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I'm not a fan.

I just posted.

What are you gonna do about it?

Nothing, because it's fine.

I have slipknot in my username and they are not my favorite band, I rarely post in this thread or the entire metal forum.

Pretty wierd I guess, but it goes to show I'm not some abnoxious fanboy who's about to get pissed off about something that's not even bad.

Edit: We already have a giant thread for slipknot, I thought this was that thread at first.


There it is.
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How dare you call me a maggot, I didn't realize I had a drill sergeant.
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This is ridiculous, maggots are larvae. Humans that listen to this have a somewhat intelligible brain, able to process thoughts...I'm not even sure if a larvae even has friends, but then again, I doubt slipknot fans do either.
u guys jus dont understand the profundity of slipknot

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