Short-and-sweet: Trying to track an order.

Shipping to me was set at four days.

That was Wednesday.

I want to know if it'll be possible if it'll arrive tomorrow if UPS works on Sunday so I can stay home to bring it in since it's fairly valuable(See: New guitar. Not something you leave on a porch), or if they don't work on Sunday similar to the postal service?

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No. You'll get it on Monday. And they'll leave it on your doorstep, unless the vendor requested Adult Signature.
UPS doesn't operate on weekends. Enjoy your day.
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I work security at UPS and the tractor trailers do come in and out with shipments all weekend but I don't think the package drivers work.
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Dude you live in the states, sunday, week 1 of the NFL, there is 13 football games tomorow..NO one is working...
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I worked for UPS and as mentioned no Sunday deliveries and Saturday at an extra charge only. You should be able to track your package as it progresses from the first HUB it's taken to all the way to the HUB which will send it to your house. A word of advice: Immediately check the contents because I've seen firsthand what goes on in those HUBs and there is a pretty good chance that at least once in the course of shipment your package was handled in a manner which you would greatly disapprove of. (i.e. being tossed around, stacked with possibly a few hundred pounds on it, being left where the elements might cause damage( extreme heat/cold, very damp air) etc.