I've got this song here that I want to learn well enough so that I can improvise with my own little licks and such while I play it.

I think it's in the key of E, but I can't tell what scale he is using; if it is minor or major pentatonic?

Any more experienced players that might be able to help? If nothing else, you'll get to listen to a cool song!


E Minor.
As for the actual... rhythm backing stuff, it's just twelve-bar.

Edit: Oh yeah, and this has been one of my favorite Clapton vids for a while, great choice...
Gotta finish my work, then play some grooves, so I can turn my room into a house of blues...
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Yep definitely E minor. He's just jamming on the E blues pentatonic, adding in some chord tones from the A and B chords in the 12 bar.

Pretty standard stuff, but he makes it all Eric Claptony.
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