standard, tired thoughts
open fields of boring travel
days go and go and go

we think we want it all
we tire so quickly, though

destinations and dead ends
they make up my life
one of them always wins
like an ocean eco-system
it simply is

it's all self-perpetuating
the food chain doesn't change
everything just keeps consuming

down to the bone
but then it doesn't end
We're only strays.
its good but i've got some suggestions.

in the lines
"we think we want it all
we tire so quickly, though"

i would go with you instead of we.
something like "you think you want it all, but tire so quickly."
that's just a rough idea but i think using "you" instead of "we" forces the listener to bring something from their experience to connect to the song. in other words "we" makes an assumption the listener connects while "you" tells the listener they connect. i just think that's more powerful.

i would just scratch "they make up my life". as a writer you want to write about a fictional character. even if that character is based around you it's almost egotistical to say "my".

my last suggestion is to scratch the "but then it doesn't end". I think what you're trying to get at is that even though the individual is consumed the system keeps moving. but i think it would be a much more poetic ending to repeat "destinations and dead ends" at then end. it doubles back and makes the listener/reader ask the question was this meant to be like a destination or did it just end needlessly like a dead end.

all in all pretty good