I'm going over seas next year.. and this is my chance to get a good guitar for a lot cheaper than I could get it here. I've always wanted to build up a guitar, I've got exactly what I want in mind, but since this is like a one off chance to get all this stuff for cheap, I was wondering if I should play it safe and just buy a guitar brand new?

I can't really afford to do both, but if that's the best option then I guess I could find a way..
what kind of music do you plan on playing with the new one or the one that your going to mod? because I had the same situation where I was going to get a new gutiar or just mod my strat and I chose to mod the strat and save a bunch of money. Locking tuners, pearl 3ply pickguard, new pickups and a new nut + new fretwire. I was planning on getting an ibanez prestige, but i was satisfied with the results and with the money saved, I bought a les paul.
I'd buy a new guitar.
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