My bandmate/buddy is looking into getting a tube amp soon. Looking for something under $500 USD. We play pop-punk, alternative, pop-rock. Influenced by Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Foo Fighters, Say Anything... It's gonna be used for rehearsals and eventually small gigs, and then hopefully mid-size gigs. He currently does not have an amp (just runs distortion pedal or a multi-fx pedal through the pa), so just about anything is an upgrade. Used is fine, but new is preferred.
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you're limiting yourself pretty severely with a $500 USD budget for a valve amp. You can get some stuff for around that much, but that stuff is mostly like 5W practice amps and stuff like that. I understand that your buddy's on a budget, but honestly I'd save a little more money and go for a Marshall DSL401 or something else low-end-ish , but with enough guts to play some gigs seriously.

EDIT: or as suggested above, go used.
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