My pick starts slipping when I start strumming continuously. This happens most noticeably when I strum faster. I use Jazz 3 picks, which don't seem to noticeably slip when I play alternate picked stuff, so I don't think its anything to do with me holding the pick wrongly. I've tried using a Tortex Dunlop pick, but that also slips when I use it for strumming stuff.

Since my teacher uses the same picks as I do, and he can do the continuous fast strumming stuff, I figured out it's something to do with my strumming technique. He told me to rotate my wrist more while strumming, and try play more relaxed with only the tip touching the string (which I've tried to do at slower speeds) but it still seems to be slipping.

Maybe my fingers perspire too much?
it's just something you get a better feel for over time, like alternate picking or anything else. it seems like it should be much easier, but it's the same thing if you think about it - you need to clip every string with the very tip of your pick, and if you have to strum up and down quickly that's a pretty precise movement. your pick won't slip if you just strum once (hopefully), so work on your technique slowly until you can do things at higher speeds just as comfortably as you can at lower speeds.

you shouldn't be gripping the pick much harder than normal, and definitely use your wrist more. working on the muscles that make the "translation" motion will help:

i credit old school black metal like emperor for improving my strumming technique, so try playing that stuff.
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my fingers are pretty perspirous as well, i use a jazz pick for all my playing,. Though i do not actually play jazz, it's the only pick i own that has a weird texture that my hand sticks to pretty well, I'd say go out and look for picks that have what I would describe as chalky and see how it feels.