I have a korg 1500g, it sounds perfect through my cans or into my pc interface , but when i put through an amp the distortions go crap all middle it seams, is there something am doing wrong....am playing through a frontman 212r with an esp ex401
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i have the same pedal board but only use it as a headphone preamp.

whenever i`ve tried to put it in front of my VK it`s sounded too bright, what any particular patches that you are having this problem with, as i will see what it`s like through mine as soon as the formula 1 GP has finished....around an hour from now

Korg no longer offer support for this product btw

doesn`t your amp have a mid contour control though, that should remedy the problem
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yeh saying mid minght be a bit wrong ..it kinda goes from a full on distortion through the cans to a acdc type overdrive through an amp
the amp has alot more headroom and better quality speakers than your headphones so a reduction is drive will become apparent, i`ve just tried it through my vk and other than sounding a bit bright it was nothing i couldn`t dial out on the amp and using the EQ controls on the Korg.

too much gain is a bad thing anyway, i wish people would realise this and not turn it to 10 every time.

play with your EQ on both the amp and pedal board until you find something closer to what you want, your amp isn`t designed for metal btw.

thankfully i don`t use the Korg through the VK and my "live rig" cosists of stompboxes rather than a modelling multi-fx pedalboard
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i dont have gain all the way up it just seemed too loose a hell of a lot ..am i best putting the peddle into the pre or to input through the pre it seems to cancel out all the amp settings
I had the same problem when I owned my Korg AX3000G (like 3days ago) and I threw it through the FX loop which made it sound insanely better. That way I could use distortion modelling through the clean channel or just effects on the amplifier's distortion channel and it didn't go out of quality like it's happening to you.
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