How would you compare a Hagstrom guitar, e.g. select swede to other guitars? It's only around 600 euro around here so that's quite nice. Thing is, i'm looking for a nice guitar and i got a budget of around 750...And I really like this Hagstrom! I just want to have a nice quality guitar that will atleast satisfy my ears for some time :p I'll eventually buy a second guitar aswell; but this one should be a keeper. Current guitars are shit, playing through a Laney Gh50 and a peavey 6505+, playing Jazz, post-rock and metal

Thing is, there's a ESP LTC Deluxe EC-1000 and a Ibanez S540 around here for around 700 euro (these are 2nd handed, since their normal price go above 1K here)

There's a serious price difference between the mentioned guitars above, i know, but can the hagstrom keep up with the others?