So i bought a Jtm-60 yesterday.. nice amp, real good sound!.. When it worked :P .

Today i was playing and screwing around with my Morley wah on the clean channel when all of a sudden:

-The clean channel is clean but when i strike the strings hard i get a kind of 'sag' that sounds like a thunderstorm (or 'motorboating' as describes somewhere).
-With the lead channel i only get this sag.

I want to know, did i blow a valve or is this a case of overheating components as often seen on these amps?
All the tubes are lit, the first 3 not so much, but the driver (or phase inverter) more and the power tubes alot.
If you need more info just ask
Thanks and peace out
So right now everything on the amp still works it's just really low volume..
Maybe this is the output trafo that's overheated and stopped working? I'd take it to a shop but i'm kinda low on cash and i first want to know what to excpect and wheter i can fix this myself .
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