The ground wire from my bridge is connected to the output jack. But isn't it supposed to be connected to the volume pot?
Well I just connected the ground wire to the bridge because it was loose and now it hums really badly unless I touch the strings. Before, I ran a wire from the bridge to one of the pickup screws and this eliminated the hum completely (but it was only a temporary solution since the wire was on the outside of the guitar). So I thought maybe the ground wire should be connected to the volume pot, because thats where the pickups are also connected to.
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Bridge ground wire should be connected to the bridge on one end and ground on the other. You can ground to the back of a pot if the pickups ground there, or you can ground it directly to the sleeve of the output jack. If one gives you better results than the other, it's probably because the buzzier way caused a ground loop.
I just soldered the ground wire to the back of the volume pot and it's still quite buzzy. The buzz disappears when I turn the tone control to zero, is this normal?