One has a floyd rose, one doesn't.

In terms of 'staying in tune'..Lets say for the floyd rose, I never touch the trem arm, and all I do is big bends/vibratos.
As opposed to the locked bridge, big bends/vibrato's.

Which will stay in tune more? (If that makes sense).
What other differences will there be?

I barely touch my trem arm on my ibanez..
I'm trying to decide on whether to ditch floyd roses or not :/

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Ditch the floyd, you'll have just as good tuning stability if you set up the guitar right.

If you have real bad problems, you can put locking tuners on the guitar. But its a quality buy, and it will hold its tuning well.
I think trems are okay, as long as you stick to one kind of tuning. And having the patience to adjust everything once in a while, there are just so much more maintenance with trems compared to fixed bridges.

You can always lock the trem and use it like a fixed bridge, but then you can probably just buy the fixed bridge guitar and keep the money
I think that if you don't use the trem very frequently, you should stick to a guitar without it. It's easier to change strings/tunings and it'll give you more sustain.
If you're not using a Floyd Rose don't get one. You'll save yourself what, $100? $150? Not to mention a lot of time restringing and setting it up.
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The one with the trem will have better tuning stability, but you'll sacrifice an assload of sustain for that. So what's more important to you? Also, unless you completely block it, bends will never really sound right on a trem guitar if you do more than one string at a time.
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