Ok, so I have a Peavey Envoy 110 amp, and a Shecter Omen 6. I have been playing around with the amp for a while but I cant get it to sound like I want it to. Now 1. I know all the bands now-a-days use crazy 1000 dollar gear, with lots of pedals, but I want to know if there is any possible way I can get my guitar to sound even close to what someone like Synyster Gates sounds like in most of the A7x songs, or like the tone of the guitar in FoB's version of beat it. Thanks for the help in advance
i know that synyster gates plays with a Marshall JVM205H for the new album, you can always buy a multi effects processor like line 6 pod's or a boss gt10 both great pedals. Or buy a peavey bandit or line 6 spider. Searching your (own) sound can be very expensive.
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