Hey UG, quick question for those who know about music + electronics.
When you use a power supply on a pedal and daisy chain it, some people say they encounter 'noise'. Is this because the power supply isn't sending enough current to all the pedals as there are too many? And could 'noise' not be a problem with the right amount of current.
I need to power 3/4 pedals with a daisy chain (as a power supply box is out of my budget) so would 1A be enough to do this?
Also, I was thinking of buying a tuner with the power output capability. Will this work?

Thanks, Tom
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The noise is called AC Ripple. AC ripple is caused by an overloaded power supply that cannot maintain enough current to supply the load. The result is the filter capacitors are no longer able to filter the rectified DC and we get a little AC on the supply rails. This shows up as hum on the signal.

Even if the tuner has power output capability, that does not mean that it can produce current/voltage. It's only able to take the input voltage from your power supply and will supply an output - that's it.
If you're currently using a Boss or other type of power supply, you may want to consider looking into purchasing a switching type power supply. The 1Spot, which is made by Virtual Sound, is a switching power supply that can provide up to an amp of power. For me, that means I can power several pedals with it. I have absolutely no hum from mine.