Yeah, so I have shitty recording equipment... no drums... no bass. I just have a terrible mic and my Ibanez, but with the Riffworks demo, I've made some pretty alright music... or at least I like to think so. Listen to what I've posted on my profile, and tell me what you think.

Again, bear in mind that I have no bass guitar, no good recording equipment, and a very limited array of drum tracks... but you get the general idea with what I'm trying to play.

Cheers to those who took two minutes out of their lives to listen to one of my tracks ;D
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Fair enough. Well at any rate, tracks can be found on my UG profile.
I'm the sort of guy who'd take a butter knife to a gun fight, and win
It's fairly good, much better than mine, at least guitar. Drums need lots of work. Especially hi-hats. Also... just cause you don't have bass guitar doesn't mean you can't record bass, drop middle and treble to 0 and make bass to 10, whoala> bass guitar.
Murders the recording quality. For months I've been trying to get a good sound quality by fiddling with mic gain, treble and drive on the amp... you name it. I have finally got a perfect setting wherein there are minimal clicks, and the quality is infinitely better than anything I've managed previously. This does limit the tones I can produce to, well... one, though.

Drums are beyond my control. I'm going to have to resort to downloading looping drum tracks, because I've pretty much run out of drum tracks on my Riffworks demo, and like hell am I buying any more.

Still, at some point I might be able to get a better mic... or a better sound card for my PC. I'm assuming that that would give me better sound quality when plugging my amp straight into my PC. Hell, I'm new to this. The sooner I can get a good recording quality with any tone, the better ;D
I'm the sort of guy who'd take a butter knife to a gun fight, and win
That wasn't neccesarily bad at all, the production kind of reminded me of Burzum though (that's a compliment I guess haha).

You should get an interface and a VSt drum program like EZDrummer or Superior 2.0, your recording quality will instantly improve 100% by just having the ability to record DI and therefore use amp sims that sound way better than mic'ing and amp with a cheap microphone in an untreated room and drums that sound awesome with a bit of tweaking.

Also, as fas as the bass: I tend to record my guitar's dry signal then pitch-shift it one octave, then reamp and EQ the thing.
not going to lie and say i listened to it, because i didnt. but the fact is, while quality isnt everything, it counts for a lot. more than you want it to, more than it maybe should. a good song poorly recorded sounds bad. ive heard things recorded so poorly it was almost impossible to figure out if the song was any good, because it was too hard to mentally get past the quality.
and then ive heard songs that arent all that well written but are well recorded, and you can listen to them straight through and then a couple more times in the background as you forget its playing. these are the things you dont actively listen to, but they stay on.

quality matters. even the best written piece of music with horrible recording quality sucks. these days it doesnt even take a large investment to be able to get decent quality. for anyone old enough to push a lawn mower or shovel snow, there is very little excuse to not try to make something decent (at least IMO).
it completely depends and what style you're going for. if you're deliberately going for a low-fi sound, such as in the Them Crooked Vultures album, it can work really well. however, most music requires that the quality be up to standard (which, in all honesty, can be pretty ****ing horrible, these days, even for songs on the radio). IMHO sound quality is equally as important as Musician quality. bad sound is just as hard to listen to as bad musicians.
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That's true. I guess I just need to spend my cash on something other than booze and cinema tickets... and actually get some cash. Curse my poorness. I'm not sure how to describe my 'sound', as it were. Seether-esque perhaps? Due to how limited I am with my recorded sound, I have to go for a much dirtier sound, which does change my play style... but I reckon it's for the better. Posting my songs on this website has somehow miraculously slightly improved the sound quality, and thus clicks are not quite as audible.

Still, I do need to get some proper sound recording stuff rather than plugging my headphones into the amp, turning it up to full and sticking a mic that's at least 10 years old between the headphone speakers...
I'm the sort of guy who'd take a butter knife to a gun fight, and win
haha, that could provide some very interesting sounds.... i might have to play with that one and see if i get anything from it

i would recommend getting an SM57 at the very least. they're cheap and they do a decent job. why do you put it between the headphone speakers, though? why not just put it in front of the amp?
Who decided that pie would be sold on Tuesday but not Wednesday?
Im guessing where talking about your song 'its simple'? I really liked it! It could be an interlude track or something on an LP, i thought it was done really well.

Your other songs i didn't really digg too much, but thats probably just my taste as im a pop punker.
When I recorded with my mic input on my soundcard I was disgusted until I got an interface so... yeah.
Tempo, tune, and tone.

Tempo is pretty spot on for most of it, but it really needs to be perfect. They could all do with a bit of work, if you're having trouble hearing where get a program that can quantise the notes and have a look at the difference.

Guitars sound in tune, however I don't like how the drums mix with the guitars at point. Almost a tone issue.

The guitar tones actually seem pretty useable, good enough for any demo or EP I think. Not a studio album. Get EZ Drummer or something so you can program your own drums. Spend some more time doing EQ and whatnot. Get a sexy lead singer. Act like a wanker and do drugs. Move to a big city, you could probably make it man. Hehe