What is the difference?

I want to buy a spector 5 string and I don't know if I should get the classic or the custom. The custom has the set neck and is about 200 bucks more so is it worth it?
bolt on necks have a warmer sound. set necks make it easier to reach higher frets! so choose which ever one you like more
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well some people say that set neck has more sustain but ive seen bolt ons with great sustain so that could just be seperate guitars
and set neck ususally is easier to reach the higher frets
Some people have the stock answer if 'more sustain with a set neck/neck through.' Which is sometimes the case, sometimes not. More often neck through/set neck basses provide a bit better upper fret access, sometimes not. You can't even say they look wildly different all the time with the use of hidden neck construction. So really, it's down to which individual instrument you prefer.
The difference between set-neck and bolt-on will be minimal when it comes to tone, although they'll feel slightly different around the heel.

Bigger differences between the two: the Legend Custom has a graphite-reinforced neck (making it more stable) while the Legend Classic does not. The Classic has EMG SSD pickups and a Spector Tone Pump Jr, while the Custom has EMG HZ pickups with an EMG preamp.
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I wouldn't bother with a set neck vs bolt on. I don't think you can do a massive amount of extra carving to the lower horn to make the money worthwhile.

Certainly, with a neck through you can get fantastic upper fret access. However, set neck? Nah, not worth it in my opinion.
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Bolt-on: necks that are connected to the body via screws.

Set-neck: necks that uses adhesives to seamlessly glue the neck onto the body.

Neck-through: necks that run the length of the body, and the two sides of the body wings are glued onto the neck.

Neck-through are said to offer better sustain, and bolt-ons give off a better punch and snap. The difference can sometimes get murky based on the construction, and design of the bass. However one thing is certain, bolt-ons will be cheaper, and easier to replace if anything bad was to happen.
You can have crappy bolt-ons just as much as you can have crappy set necks and crappy neck throughs. You probably wont notice any real tonal difference between a well made bolt-on and a set or neck through. I prefer neck throughs for the feel more than anything. With Spector you'll be pretty safe.

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