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Anyone have experience with AXl guitars? i have a gibson sg now, and im looking for a guitar i can use for thrash metal and power metal. The sg is awesome for Ac/DC and good oldies. I looked at the AXL Jacknife. They are fair priced, and many says they are great, and many says they suck. Anyone knows anything about them?
I' not familiar with the brand but from what I can tell all the jacknives come with P90s, which will do stoner metal well, but are prone to feedback, and just generally aren't great for modern metal.

Just something to consider.
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I haven't heard anything about them really aside from a few older reviews of their badwater strat style guitars which it was generally said they were good for their price point. I'd say from the specs that it looks like a pretty nice package for what MF lists as 229.00usd. Stock pickups aren't the best choice for metal. I'd recommend swapping those out right from the start.
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